Looking forward to a French summer ….

Looking forward to a French summer …

.. I’m writing this very first blog on the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, when its dark and cold and a time for wrapping up against the chilly wind. poolside viewA time when I start to think ahead to next year in the spring and summer, about driving down across the wide open spaces of la belle France, on past the Loire and on to the Charente and Dordogne. Once we get to Angouleme, we know its only another 40 minutes or so and we will see the the two fairy-castle turrets of the old chateau in Montmoreau, and finally turn off at Montboyer. We can roll down the windows now and hear the swifts screaming and wheeling about the ancient church. As we drive up to our old farmhouse, sat solid and immoveable overlooking the valley, it feels so lovely to be back and push open the shutters and wander around the orchard to see whats there. Calmness descends …….

If this is what you also look forward to – a week or two to take time out, walk barefoot and eat local french food on the spacious terrace, then La Petite Pommeraie maybe just what you need. We are so exciting to be launching our own website for our lovely old farmhouse gite in south west France and I look forward to sharing its story with you. You too may be inspired to visit as one of our guests and sit back and unwind in rural France. If this sounds good, just get in touch.