Where I’d rather be …..

Where I’d rather be ….

…  this was a July day last summer.  Most summers over the last twelve years or so we were lucky enough to take our children to stay in the South West of France and soak up the summer warmth, enjoy the simpler things in life and get away from it all.  This inspired us to find a place we could call ‘home from home’ on the Charente/Dordogne borders and after two years looking at, shall we say, a very interesting range of french properties, we found a lovely old farmhouse with rustic charm and views I never tire of looking at.  Its a rural retreat we visit when we can and over the last two years our guests too have taken time to relax & recharge beside the pool or under the Paper Mulberry trees.  And then there is la belle France all around just waiting to be explored.  Whatever the day brings, its guilt-free relaxation time and its very well deserved.  Maybe this summer its your chance ……….
We are so pleased to be launching La Petite Pommeraie’s website and I look forward to sharing her story over the next few months ………..